Thursday, July 17, 2008

my crazy girls

Just a quick note about my 2 crazy girls. They both have had some trouble sleeping lately, Molly staying asleep and Emma falling asleep and staying in her bed all night. It was kind of a rough day yesterday all around for everyone. After a night of taking 3 grumpy kids to the last t-ball game and walking back home with 3 even grumpier kids, and no husband by the way, we had all reached our limit. After Emma getting out of bed at least 10 times in the first 5 minutes, she and I had a little talk. I told her there was no good reason for her to get out of bed before breakfast in the morning and she better not get up again. Emma: "But what if I really really really have to go potty?" Mom: "Just pee in your bed! Goodnight!" She did stay in her bed all night, but this morning when she came and got in bed with me she said,"I held me pee in all night and I stayed in my bed. Now can I go potty?" Oh my sweet Emma! She thought I was never going to let her go potty again.

Then there was Molly, who was up at least 3 times between 3:00 and 5:00 for seemingly no reason at all. But this morning she slept until 9:45 (that's when I went to wake her up)! When I walked in her room she opened her eyes and looked at me, rolled over and turned on Baby Tad(it's this stuffed frog that plays music and lights up), and pulled her blankie over her head! As if to say,"Go away mom! I'm still sleeping." What a funny baby. I swear she thinks she a teenager the way she loves to sleep in.

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