Friday, November 21, 2008

Oh, Edward!

Only 11 more hours until I go see Twilight!!!!! I can hardly wait!
Click here if you can hardly wait too.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bunkbed forts are awesome...

Most nights my kids go to bed when they are supposed to. They are rule followers. At least Lucas is, anyway, and since Lucas and Emma share a room Lucas polices and enforces the rules at bedtime...usually...not Monday night.

Joe and I were cleaning the kitchen and enjoying having a grown up conversation. The kids had both been out of bed several times already and then they were silent. Joe and I were commenting on how we couldn't believe that they were sleeping. It's because they were so not sleeping. They were whispering and being sneaky. Being sneaky is what Emma does best. I'm still not sure whose idea it was, but I am pretty sure that it was Emma who convinced Lucas to follow through with the plan.

I walked down the hall to their room, heard the whispers, and turned on the light to this...

I wasn't sure what I thought about this or what to say, so I did what any good mom would do...I called for my husband (reinforcements) to come. Joe was doing a miserable job holding in the laughter and appreciation for their genius fort making abilities and told them not to move. He left the room to get the camera, all the while he was gone the kids were so worried about what Daddy was going to do. Lucas thought he was gone to get the scissors to cut down their blankets! Joe came back,"What you did was a very bad choice. It's a school night and waaaaay past your bed time, but this is awesome and I'm going to take your picture now." Hence the big smiles in the picture because Daddy said their fort was awesome. Then sadly, Daddy helped them take their fort down and promised they could build another one after school the next day, followed by a little talk about when it is "appropriate" to build a fort in your bed.

There has been excessive fort building around here ever since. Including the one the kids made this morning at 6:30 am. In fact Emma is sleeping in it right now. Who needs toys when you have bunk beds?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The short of it

Alright all you blog lurkers out there. If you like my new hair cut (and even if you don't) you will leave shameless comments on my blog telling me how gorgeous I am and that I have the cutest hair cut ever! Let the compliments begin...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Boogie Babies

Today was Emma's last day of dance class. It was fun and oh so very cute! Because of the terrible lighting my less than wonderful camera was having serious issues. I did manage to salvage a few pictures and a video. So here is our little ballerina for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, November 3, 2008

From the mind of Lucas...

Lucas had two epiphanies today, one political and one domestic.

First: Lucas is voting for McCain. Yes, he is 5 and not eligible to vote, but he declared this afternoon that he is voting for McCain. On our way to run errands after school he asked,"What's all this voting business about? There are signs everywhere!" Lucas loves to read us all the signs while we are driving i.e., stop, yield, cow crossing, no passing zone, speed limit means 45 or under Mom not 55, vote Obama, vote McCain. So we had a brief lesson in what it means to vote and what exactly you are voting for. Basically, we decided that voting is getting to pick the people you want to run your community, county, state, nation. If only it were really that easy... For whatever reason Lucas has chosen McCain. Evidently he likes the name better. McCain, McGuire, I get it. He was even more sure that this was the right decision on our way back home. In our one stop light town there are lots of round-abouts. Tonight they were full of high school kids with posters yelling at cars driving by to vote for Obama. They were very enthusiastic to say the least. Lucas was all,"Mom what are they doing? Those Obama people are crazy. Besides, I already decided that I am voting for McCain." When we got home there was also a very large Obama door hanger on our front door. At this point all Lucas could say was,"Why couldn't we get a McCain one of these? That would be awesome!" Maybe Lucas has been secretly reading some of Mike's political blogs...;)

Second: Lucas's second great revelation came tonight when we were cleaning up before bed time. Lucas (and Emma too) hate to clean up the toys in the basement. It is the bain of his existence. There were only a few toys out and it only took us about 5 minutes to clean up. Lucas was AMAZED! "Wow! If you only get out a few toys and you put them away when you are done, you can be done cleaning up in no time and the basement never gets messy!" It was like he'd never heard this before. I've only been preaching it everyday of his life for the past 5 years!!! A true light bulb moment! Too bad it is sure not to last. I'll take what I can get, though. Oh, how I love my first born son. He is such a joy and I love how his mind works. Tonight there was a big bright star by the moon and Lucas informed me that it was not at all a star but a planet. He just needed to think about all the books he's read to remember if it was Venus or was it Mars, mmm.... "Not Mars, it's the red planet. No actually I think it is Jupiter, Mom. And did you know that when the moon looks like that it's waxing?" So I looked it up and he was right! It was Jupiter that we saw with the moon tonight. That's my Lucas! Click here for proof of his incredible astronomical genius.

(Totally unrelated to this post...Joe is in Dallas this week and I miss him terribly. I love you honey and I am counting the hours until we are together again. I can't sleep without you here. I love you!)

Saturday, November 1, 2008

the mummy, the tiger, and the bunny

First the Mummy... he is a cute mummy, a dead mummy, a try to be brave mummy and not a scary mummy. This mummy does not like scary. He had a great time trick or treating but not such a great time getting wrapped up. Apparently it is a little too much work bringing a mummy to life on Halloween night. Next year this mummy wants to be a ghost, less work and maintence in bringing a ghost to life for one night!

Second the Tiger... and yes she is a tiger and not Tigger, in case there was any confusion on the subject. She is a very fierce tiger who finds nothing about Halloween scary, and I mean nothing. In fact this tiger was heard on more than one occasion last night to say," Trick or Treat! Oh, and can I have another one for my big brother. He thinks your house is too scary. Thank you. HERE LUCAS! THEY GAVE ME ONE FOR YOU TOO. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SCARED!" When it was getting dark and things were becoming a little too scary for a certain mummy we dropped the daddy, the mummy and the little bunny off at a friend's house and the mommy and the tiger did 2 more blocks of trick or treating! The tiger even sang a little Halloween song in an effort to get more candy, and it worked! This tiger also wants to be a ghost next year because she always wants to be like a certain mummy we all know and love.

Third the bunny... and she was the cutest little bunny, especially that little bunny tail that wiggled when she walked. She too would have trick or treated all night if I let her. She is just as fierce as her tiger sister and not afraid of anything relating to Halloween. She just loved have anything to carry around in her little bucket. The neighbors could be passing out rocks and it would have been just as exciting! This little bunny has decided to not even wait until next year to be a tiger. She wore that tiger costume around all morning and was loving it!

The aftermath... like any good little kids Lucas and Emma got up early today to have an unauthorized breakfast of too much Halloween candy and Saturday morning cartoons. Lucky mommy was the one with them when they were coming down off their sugar high and melting down. Daddy was playing tennis!