Thursday, September 11, 2008

Birthdays, School and Goodbyes

A lot has happened in the last two weeks so time to play catch up.

Labor Day weekend/Emma's 4th birthday party
Most of my family made it up to Wisconsin for Emma's birthday party thanks to it being a holiday weekend and all. This year Emma had a big party at the zoo with all her friends and family. Emma loves animals and the zoo is free, so bonus there. We saw all the animals and rode the carousel and the zoo train. Then we had a little picnic at the park just outside the zoo and the kids and adults too all had a great time. I really can't believe that Emma is 4 years old. How is it possible that I have a 5 year old in kindergarten and now a 4 year old too!?! Emma is growing more beautiful everyday and more stubborn and independent too. What a combination! She is trying to adjust to a new life without Lucas now that he's in school all day. We are all still struggling to find our niche. Emma is such a sweet girl who loves going to her sunbeam class, playing with her friends and being both a big sister and a little sister and she is always up for anything girly, Daddy's little princess for sure. Emma is now taking another dance class that she just started this week at the local dance studio and loving every minute of it. We love you Emma and we are glad that you are a part of our family. Our lives would not be complete with out you!


So the Tuesday following labor day was Lucas's first day of kindergarten. Happy/sad day all in one. He was so ready and so excited and still hasn't looked back. He loves his teacher and his school. He was even so lucky as to have a friend end up in his class. Not someone we really knew but a boy he had played with when Emma was taking tap in the spring. This boy, Jonas, had a sister in the class after Emma. Anyway the 2 were happy to have found each other. Lucas is thriving as usual and most days he comes home in a great mood so happy to be reunited with his sisters who give him a glorious welcome home everyday. I am handling it better than I expected being the crier that I am. I got most of my crying out the night before sobbing to Joe about how this was the beginning of the end. My baby was going to school then it was just a matter of time before he graduated, went on a mission, then to college met some girl from some other state and moved far away, all because of the first day of kindergarten. I know it's ridiculous but this was really what I was thinking. It was only made worse by the fact the Joe has been out of town for 2 weeks leaving me to mourn the loss of my only son alone!!! Not entirely true, but still. I did have Cindy and Lindsey to keep me occupied the first week of school, but this past week I have been all alone. We did have a really great visit with Cindy and we were all so sad to see her leave, especially Emma. Emma and Lindsey were best friends all week and had so much fun together. It was nice to be reminded how great it is to be near family. We've only been gone a little over a year but it feels way longer. It was great to have family here for a whole week!
So Lucas and Emma are growing up so fast and Molly is right behind them it's fun and exciting, but kind of sad too. It's definitely time for another one...we'll keep you posted :)

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