Thursday, October 9, 2008

This one goes out to the one I love...

I have been feeling lately like I have the best husband in the whole wide world and that he deserves his very own post displaying my gratitude. If this does not interest you then feel free to skip this post because it will most likely be shameless and/or over the top with love for my hubby.

First of all, with much encouragement on my part, Joe has been leaving work at 4:30 everyday. WOW! If you know my husband you know what a huge deal that is. And it has made a HUGE difference in how our nights go. There is not all the dinner time craziness that comes with having 3 kids and all the after dinner chaos of trying to clean up and get everyone a bath, teeth brushed, pj's, and scripture study before the bed time of 7:30. If you know me you know that description of our bedtime routine hardly does it justice. Jenifer says it takes 500 hours and what ever happened to a book, a prayer and in bed you go, good night! With this new Daddy is home by 5:00 and subsequently dinner is served at 5:05 and we are all done eating about 5:30ish (we inhale dinner around here) evenings are quite enjoyable and Mom is a much nicer, happier person to be around. Thanks honey for choosing to go to work earlier so that you can come home earlier. You deserve some major lovin for that alone.

Second of all, I have had extreme unexplained tiredness this week (no, I am not pregnant. You'll be the first to know). In response to this my husband has become super dad. Molly is crying incessantly and won't go to sleep. I am tired and can't take it anymore. I go flop on my bed with a big sigh and then Joe,"Oh honey why don't you go to bed. You're so tired. I'll take care of Molly (this NEVER happens when it comes to Molly because she always just wants me). Oh and here why don't you listen the Breaking Dawn audio book and let sweet dreams of Edward lull you into sleep (under his breath something about reaping the rewards of that one later ...). Oh and let me turn on the fan and close the door so you won't hear her crying. I love you." This seriously happened on more than one occasion this week. He also cleaned the kitchen, mopped the floor, gave baths and made sure we had family scripture study all very willingly and patiently. Amazing!!!!!!!!! Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!

Even though Joe made me so mad last night by being late and therefore me not getting to fix my hair to go to open house at Lucas's school (hair is important people! you should see the mom's at school!) he once again ended up being my hero later in the night. I was gone to my totally awesome, best person I know in this life friend Hannah's for our weekly Grey's Anatomy followed lately by some form of craftiness i.e., Jen teaching Hannah to sew a straight line. Good times! When it was time to go home at like 11:00 my van won't start! I get Jen to give me a ride home and then I have to tell Joe. He asks a bunch of questions like if the van is parked at an incline and when was the last time I got gas. The gas gauge doesn't actually work in our van. Turns out that was the problem. There was gas in the van but the van didn't think so. So he put gas in the van and brought it home. The big deal is that he didn't even make fun of or give me a hard time even once!!! Before this moment I did not know he was capable of such self restraint.

The point of all of this is my husband is a rock star and I am still crazy in love after almost 7 years of marriage. I love you, Joe and I can't imagine life without you. I never thought that saying hi to you at E.F.Y when I was 17 would ever lead to this! In case I don't let you know enough I LOVE YOU FOREVER and THANK YOU for always taking care of me and our family. You're the best and don't I know it!

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