Monday, November 3, 2008

From the mind of Lucas...

Lucas had two epiphanies today, one political and one domestic.

First: Lucas is voting for McCain. Yes, he is 5 and not eligible to vote, but he declared this afternoon that he is voting for McCain. On our way to run errands after school he asked,"What's all this voting business about? There are signs everywhere!" Lucas loves to read us all the signs while we are driving i.e., stop, yield, cow crossing, no passing zone, speed limit means 45 or under Mom not 55, vote Obama, vote McCain. So we had a brief lesson in what it means to vote and what exactly you are voting for. Basically, we decided that voting is getting to pick the people you want to run your community, county, state, nation. If only it were really that easy... For whatever reason Lucas has chosen McCain. Evidently he likes the name better. McCain, McGuire, I get it. He was even more sure that this was the right decision on our way back home. In our one stop light town there are lots of round-abouts. Tonight they were full of high school kids with posters yelling at cars driving by to vote for Obama. They were very enthusiastic to say the least. Lucas was all,"Mom what are they doing? Those Obama people are crazy. Besides, I already decided that I am voting for McCain." When we got home there was also a very large Obama door hanger on our front door. At this point all Lucas could say was,"Why couldn't we get a McCain one of these? That would be awesome!" Maybe Lucas has been secretly reading some of Mike's political blogs...;)

Second: Lucas's second great revelation came tonight when we were cleaning up before bed time. Lucas (and Emma too) hate to clean up the toys in the basement. It is the bain of his existence. There were only a few toys out and it only took us about 5 minutes to clean up. Lucas was AMAZED! "Wow! If you only get out a few toys and you put them away when you are done, you can be done cleaning up in no time and the basement never gets messy!" It was like he'd never heard this before. I've only been preaching it everyday of his life for the past 5 years!!! A true light bulb moment! Too bad it is sure not to last. I'll take what I can get, though. Oh, how I love my first born son. He is such a joy and I love how his mind works. Tonight there was a big bright star by the moon and Lucas informed me that it was not at all a star but a planet. He just needed to think about all the books he's read to remember if it was Venus or was it Mars, mmm.... "Not Mars, it's the red planet. No actually I think it is Jupiter, Mom. And did you know that when the moon looks like that it's waxing?" So I looked it up and he was right! It was Jupiter that we saw with the moon tonight. That's my Lucas! Click here for proof of his incredible astronomical genius.

(Totally unrelated to this post...Joe is in Dallas this week and I miss him terribly. I love you honey and I am counting the hours until we are together again. I can't sleep without you here. I love you!)


Joe said...

seriously, how does he know it's Jupiter???

I miss you more than you can possibly know.

Amber and The Boys said...

You know what is neat? I looked up at the moon tonight and saw that same "star" by it too! That just makes me feel a little bit closer to all of you in Madison!