Saturday, November 1, 2008

the mummy, the tiger, and the bunny

First the Mummy... he is a cute mummy, a dead mummy, a try to be brave mummy and not a scary mummy. This mummy does not like scary. He had a great time trick or treating but not such a great time getting wrapped up. Apparently it is a little too much work bringing a mummy to life on Halloween night. Next year this mummy wants to be a ghost, less work and maintence in bringing a ghost to life for one night!

Second the Tiger... and yes she is a tiger and not Tigger, in case there was any confusion on the subject. She is a very fierce tiger who finds nothing about Halloween scary, and I mean nothing. In fact this tiger was heard on more than one occasion last night to say," Trick or Treat! Oh, and can I have another one for my big brother. He thinks your house is too scary. Thank you. HERE LUCAS! THEY GAVE ME ONE FOR YOU TOO. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SCARED!" When it was getting dark and things were becoming a little too scary for a certain mummy we dropped the daddy, the mummy and the little bunny off at a friend's house and the mommy and the tiger did 2 more blocks of trick or treating! The tiger even sang a little Halloween song in an effort to get more candy, and it worked! This tiger also wants to be a ghost next year because she always wants to be like a certain mummy we all know and love.

Third the bunny... and she was the cutest little bunny, especially that little bunny tail that wiggled when she walked. She too would have trick or treated all night if I let her. She is just as fierce as her tiger sister and not afraid of anything relating to Halloween. She just loved have anything to carry around in her little bucket. The neighbors could be passing out rocks and it would have been just as exciting! This little bunny has decided to not even wait until next year to be a tiger. She wore that tiger costume around all morning and was loving it!

The aftermath... like any good little kids Lucas and Emma got up early today to have an unauthorized breakfast of too much Halloween candy and Saturday morning cartoons. Lucky mommy was the one with them when they were coming down off their sugar high and melting down. Daddy was playing tennis!

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Hannah said...

Yea for a fun Halloween night. Your kids are adorable!!