Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bangs and a pony tail!

Tonight Molly had her first ever haircut and it was only to get some bangs. It was pretty tricky cutting her bangs upside down and backwards in the mirror while she was brushing her teeth, but we made it work. She's a big girl now! Her first ever hair cut was then followed by her first ever big girl pony tail. She's so stinkin' cute even if she didn't want me to take her picture.


Hannah said...

Ohh, she looks so much older with bangs and a pony tail. But your right, very cute!

The Skaggs Family said...

You did a great job trimming her bangs. She's so cute. Sorry haven't kept in touch with you sooner since before Christmas. One of these days we'll come and visit you guys! We miss all of you so much! Yeah I'm very bad at keeping up with my blog site. Hopefully I'll get to it soon. Stay warm. Talk to you later.