Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February in review...

(I tried to upload pictures but it would only do one, then it would crash. So, I will try to post pictures some other time)

Well I have been a slacker blogger for the month of February and not for lack of worthy material either. February is a busy time in our family with lots of birthdays. So this is what we did this month:

Sometime the first week of February Emma got glasses, not just any glasses...pink ones. She loves them and is doing so great wearing them. She looks so cute in her glasses and I am just glad that she likes them. Another first for Emma this month was her first Valentine from a cute boy at church! So cute!!!

February 5th Lucas turned 6 years old! For some reason 6 just seems so much older than 5. We had our first "friends from school" party and it was so much fun. We went sledding on the big hill near our house in very slushy almost gone snow. Then the kids had a great time doing a Daddy made "Batman in training obstacle course" in the back yard. The party was a success and it was nice having family here too. Lucas is already planning for next year.

February 14 was Joe's 29th birthday. It was pretty low key. The kids had fun making and decorating Daddy's cake. And we are still having fun reminding Daddy that he is older than Mommy now, at least for 2 more weeks. That night we went to a stake Valentine's dance at church. We were prepared for it to be lame, but it was actually fun! Joe and I really like going to dances. We've gotta find a way to chaperon some youth dances. We probably wouldn't be the best chaperons though...

Since then it just been someone with a cold or the flu or something like that. Molly has been very busy learning to take off her clothes and her diaper in her bed. Not my idea of fun! She is the first one of my kids to do this. In fact she is the first one of my kids to do lots of things like that. She has been Emma's side kick all day everyday and they get into lots of trouble together. Just last week Molly again took off all her clothes and her diaper and colored with markers all over her body. I'm pretty sure that she had some help with that one!

March is filled with even more birthdays so I will try to keep up better!

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The Skaggs Family said...

It looks like Lucas had a lot of fun. Emma's hair is so long. Jadyn's 5th birthday is coming up in April. We've come up with ideas for her birthday but haven't decided what to do. I know she's excited to invite all her friends at PreK. Sounds like you guys are doing fine. Talk to you later.